An Association of professionals that nurtures Human Resource practitioners for extraordinary Public Service delivery.


To promote professionalism among Public Service Human Resource Practitioners through effective development, communication, networking and building synergies with other HR practitioners in the corporate world.



Each Human Resource practitioner in the Public Service shall ensure that theyshow consideration and respect for all their clients, be consistent and true to their word, demonstrate loyalty and always seek to deliver extra ordinary results.


Fairness and impartiality towards all while serving, giving much advantage, consideration or latitude to one party as it is given to another.


Being able to serve with honest,sincererity and openness that enlists trust of others.


Able to think and plan for the future.


Welcome to all Users of this website! “Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein . The Association of the Uganda Public Service-HRM-network seeks to create a conducive working environment in which our professionals provide extraordinary public service delivery. To achieve this aspiration, we are creating an open-source Site of Human Resource professionals that will provide a platform for imagination, communication, networking and information sharing. The themes explored on this network will encompass all areas related to the attraction, development and retention of talent. World over, new developments in HR are transforming this profession in an effort to make it both more effective and enjoyable. Key among these is the growing introduction of analytics in the realm of HR. There are also developments to turn HR into a strategic function that directly supports organizational or business strategy. We aim to play a leading role in the furtherance of new ideas and initiatives that will develop the HR profession. It is our expectation that the knowledge and connections that are built through this network will spur the growth of robust human resources programs that contribute towards attractive and vibrant workspaces and organisations. The strategic intent of the UPSHRM-Net is to achieve an innovative network that creates space for practitioners to connect and share information for individual and organizational development, to solve problems and find new ideas for creating dynamism in the profession. And as many of the challenges facing Human Resources today are universal and global, we envision a system that will provide a platform for building a portfolio of cross-organisational relationships for imagination, problem-solving and networking, collaboration and benchmarking with regard to standards. So, we hope that you can visit us time and again and that you embrace this network that has been built to optimize learning and to build connectivity. Feel free to make full use of all our resources. You can also get in touch with us to share your ideas of how we can even do better. We hope that you will find this Site a very useful resource to inform and inspire your professional practice.