Our Story

UPSHRM-net, an association of Human Resource Managers (HRM) in the Uganda Public Service, was established to nurture human resource (HR)professionals into HR practitioners that provide extraordinary Public Service delivery. The association has a mission of promoting professionalism among Public Service HR Practitioners through effective development, communication, networking and building synergies with other HR practitioners in the corporate world.

In view of this critical role that the association seeks to undertake, it has developed  its maiden  five (5) year strategic plan which provides the strategic roadmap that will be followed over the period 2017/18 – 2021/22. This plan has been developed through concerted effort and consultations with the Executive Committee of the Association, as well as drawing from the guidance provided by the Uganda Public Service Human Resource Managers through their annual forum held in December 2016 at Civil Service College Jinja.

A roadmap for the  UPSHRMnet operations has accordingly been developed and based on fundamental beliefs thatmembers of the UPSHRM net will all work towards the same vision; Each HR manager in the Public Service, will competently execute their roles and drive key institutional decisions that positively impact service recipients; Members will value continuous engagement in professional development and there will be deliberate interventions to have and adhere to a synchronized set of service delivery standards for the HRM function across the country, the region and internationally

An analysis of opportunities,strengths,weaknesses and threats that the association faces have been well stipulated and the attendant strategic implications for the association were identified key among these being the need to; develop strategies that complement Public Service strategies in demanding for compliance from all human resource managers to the policy and regulatory framework as part of the effort to deliver professional services;Enhance strategies for enforcement and follow up to ensure efficient and effective public service delivery; Put in place  Knowledge management strategies and community of practice engagements to enlist and allow members to share individually acquired skills, knowledge and best practices;Establish mechanisms that support HR professionals to make

themselves relevant and formidable institutional transformers;Position the association  in a manner that influences key Policy decisions and the quality of services delivered by the HR Cadre so as to have meaningful impact on the Public Service Clientele;Strategize to advocate for better working conditions for the human resources in the Uganda Public Service;Establish mutually beneficial collaboration that will support the growth and impact of the UPSHRM-net andidentify feasible strategies for maximally benefiting from this membership;Develop a strategy to identify an interim secretariat and generate startup funds and Establish in-house Service Delivery Standards  and a compliance mechanism to support adherence to the standards

Based on the above, focus on four (4) major goals of; Resource Mobilization and Development; Professionalization of HR Cadre; Networks and Synergies and Public Service Delivery will drive all operations of the association for the five year period. The objectives that each goal strives to achieve, as well as the activities that will be undertaken to attain these goals are explicitly provided and will allow members and stakeholders of the association keep abreast with the undertakings of the Executive Committee.

Accordingly, a robust monitoring and evaluation framework has been developed to ensure that there is systematic follow through of all the engagements of the association. This framework also provides a basis for assessing the extent to which the UPSHRM-net will impact delivery of the human resource management function in the Public Service as well as the extent of contribution towards transformation in service delivery.

Meet The UPSHRM-NET Executive Committee

Mr. Herbert Kiguli(C/HRM MOFA)
The Current UPSHRM-NET ChairPerson
Mr. Pons Walter Okelo(SHRO Lira DLG) Vice ChairPerson UPSHRM-NET ChairPerson.
Mrs. Dorah Aryatuha
UPSHRM-NET Secretary General
Mr. Sanya James(PHRO) MAAIF UPSHRM-NET Treasurer.
Mr. Wasagami James(PHRO) MoPS
UPSHRM-NET Publicity
Mrs. Prudence Ayebazibwe Rwangoga(C/HRM) MOFPED UPSHRM-NET MDA Rep..
Mr. Amon Naturinda(PHRO) Kalungu DLG
UPSHRM-NET Western Region Rep.
Mrs. Apio Epel Rita(PHRO) Katakwi DLG UPSHRM-NET Eastern Region Rep..
Mrs. Annet Bwanika(PHRO) Mukono DLG
UPSHRM-NET Central Region Rep.
Mr. Jackson Okoth Ochen(PHRO) Otuke DLG UPSHRM-NET Northern Region Rep..

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